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Just how to store wood pellets properly?

Wood pellets are made from biomass products like sawdust, grass, alfalfa, rice husk, plant straw, waste documents, EFB, leaves, etc. Wood pellet production is to mold the biomass products right into high-density strong pellets, as well as thaw the lignin…

Just how to build a wood pellet factory?

In brief, to construct a wood pellet factory, you require: Basic material for wood pellet manufacturing What biomass products do you have? Do you have plentiful supply? Are your biomass materials gotten approved for making pellets? These are the inquiries…

The basic composition of best wood pellet mill

Best wood pellet mill can realize the reuse of waste, which plays a very important role in saving resources and environmental protection. Therefore, it is more and more widely used. Generally, wood sawdust pellet machine is composed of conditioner, iron…

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