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Characteristics of pellets with biomass pellet mill

Biomass fuel pellets can fully burn and dissipate heat in the current market application. Biomass fuel pellets also have their own characteristics and are widely used in the market. What are the characteristics of the pellets produced by biomass pellet mill?

  1. Biomass fuel pellets made by biofuel pellet machine have high efficiency and can achieve combustion effects during application. Products can be divided according to applications. The combustion efficiency of pellets can reach 95% and above, and there will be no insufficient combustion.
  2. When burning, the product will not fire off during use, which is safe.
  3. Biomass fuel pellets made by biomass pellets machine can be adjusted within the effective range, and the combustion reaction time is short.
  4. Biomass fuel pellets made by biomass pellets making machine will not pollute the environment when burning, and are an environmentally friendly product. During the application process, it can fully ensure that the product achieves good combustion without polluting the air. It is an environmentally friendly new energy material with low emissions.

The biomass pellet mill has realized the transformation of waste into treasure, local materials, local production, and has various functions such as energy saving and environmental protection.

There are also problems such as the production process of biomass fuel, which restrict the development of sustainable economy in my country, which is of great significance to alleviating energy shortage and environmental pollution in my country.

CE high quality biomass pellet mill for sale?

Take straw pellet production as an example. After the straw is processed by the biomass fuel pellet machine, it will become straw fuel pellets. We all know that the proportion of straw in our country is very large, and our disposal of straw is usually either burning or throwing away, because straw is really useless.

Founded in 1995, Richi Machinery has been developing steadily and steadily in the field of pellet processing and biomass pellet mill for sale. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of equipment required for industry projects such as feed, biomass energy, and organic fertilizer. It has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system, provide technical solutions and supporting products.

(1)Why buy a biomass pellet mill to process straw into fuel?

The price of a fuel pellet machine is not three or two yuan. Is it cost-effective to process almost worthless straw? The biomass pellet mill manufacturer can clearly tell you that it is worth it! Excellent value.

Why do I say that? We should not be unfamiliar with coal. Coal is the main fuel we use. However, the formation time of coal is too long, which means that if there is no solution, coal resources will be exhausted.

The burning of coal will release polluting gases that are harmful to the air, which also means that if we want to have a good living environment, we must find a resource that can replace coal. Fuel pellets are a new type of fuel that replaces coal, and straw fuel is one of the biomass fuel pellets.

(2)Biomass pellet mill processes straw into fuel

After the straw is processed by the biomass fuel pellet machine, it will become straw fuel pellets.

(3)What is the use of straw after being made into fuel?

After the straw is made into fuel pellets by biomass pellet mill, it is used as fuel to burn completely, and it does not pollute the air. Another point is that our straw resources are very rich, and this is a renewable resource, so what are the comparisons between biomass fuel and coal?

(4)What about the advantage?

  • The price of biomass pellet fuel is much lower than that of coal. At present, the price of coal in the market is 150-200 yuan higher than the price of biomass fuel pellets per ton;
  • The fuel pellets made by biomass pellet mill meet the environmental protection requirements of our country and are a new type of biomass energy;
  • The biomass fuel pellets have uniform shape, small volume and high density, which is convenient for transportation and storage;
  • The biomass fuel pellets made by biomass pellet mill can be fully burned, but when the coal purity is not high, it cannot be fully burned, and there will be coal impurities. The fuel pellets burn at a rate that matches the rate at which they break down.

Biomass fuel pellets can be fully burned, but when the coal purity is not high, it cannot be fully burned, and there will be coal impurities. The fuel pellets burn at a rate that matches the rate at which they break down.

Taking straw as an example, after the straw is pressed into fuel pellets by the fuel biomass pellet mill, the combustion efficiency is increased from 20% to more than 80%; The calorific value of one ton of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of coal, and the average sulfur content of coal is about 1%; in addition, the fully burned straw ash can be returned to the field as fertilizer. Therefore, the use of fuel pellets as heating fuel has strong economic and social value.

(5)The fuel pellets have high volatilization rate, low ignition point, sustainable combustion, and are directly used in boilers.

(6)The fuel pellets produced by the biomass pellet mill do not contain harmful chemicals, the ash can be directly used for crops, and the ash is rich in organic potassium. After coal is burned, a large amount of sulfur and phosphorus compounds and coal impurities will be produced, which will pollute the land everywhere, which is not conducive to the construction of environmental protection in my country.

In the future, my country’s energy construction will take a sustainable path and promote the use of environmentally friendly new energy fuels, which will play a positive role in my country’s environmental governance. The future development of biomass pellet mill will be bright.

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